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They wanna take our guns away, While Foreigners have these weapons. Is this right.

South Africa currently has an abundance of crime. With criminals stealing and killing without any remorse, unfortunately, the police cannot protect everyone at the same time. This is why many South Africans are happy to own their own firearm. However soon all this may change, which is very troubling when you look at a recent event involving illegal foreigners.

The Firearms Control Amendment Bill is a new law that is currently being done discussed and considered. This law will essentially remove the right South Africans citizens have to own their own private firearms. Most South Africans do not trust the police to keep them safe, so if this bill passes, they will be left defenseless to both criminals and people like the foreigner groups who caused chaos in Durban Road recently. Let's take a look at their weapons.

As we can see in the image above, Foreigners are brandishing weapons that seem to be very sophisticated. The image is from the recent conflict between Somalian Nationals and South African Taxi drivers in Durban Road (Gqebeha). A conflict that is claimed to have been started by a vehicle collision. If these foreigners are here illegally, how did they get these weapons? and what does it mean for South Africans?.

If the Bill Passes and South Africans Private weapons are taken away, how will they be able to defend themselves if another conflict like this occurs? While South Africans will be left defenseless, People who own illegal weapons like this will have all the power. Since their weapons are not registered, law enforcement will not know where to look for them. This will leave us in a troubling predicament. What's your opinion on this, tell me in the comments section and hit the follow button for more news as it happens.

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