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Are we in Danger : An American Warship is in Cape Town, This is why. Opinion.

In the beyond few days a United States Warship has come to Port in Cape Town. While Americans declare that there are a number of reasons for this, individually I'm no longer so sure of I accept as true with them. Below are all the info, in addition to the consequences of this and ultimately what i believe approximately it.

There Reasons for sending there deliver right here :

The American army is one of the strongest militaries in the international. When they want to do something, they'll do it. Which make me cautious approximately there presence in our Country. According to news reports they're allegedly here to promote peace and protection, However South Africa has no longer been worried in any wars for many years. They also claim that they are here for cultural and scientific exchanges, However this can were done with any deliver and didn't have to manifest with a warship

What are the results of this :

The United States navy is infinitely strong and still regularly goes to warfare and invades locations. The reality that they have got posted a warship on the brink of our Country concerns me, they shouldn't have even been allowed to do this. Having a warship proper here way that if anything were to happen, they could be able to assault without delay and already have infantrymen at the floor. So what does this suggest for us.

Are we in threat :

While I do not agree with we're in any danger in the interim, if anything had been to occur within the future, we may be. War ships are effective machines and via having one published here they have already got a headstart if a struggle become to begin. It additionally approach they may be very intimidating if they please, the usage of threats of attacks from the deliver to control choices. While I do now not accept as true with they may try this, the possibility that they are able to is already enough for us to comprehend that we should not be welcoming foreign battle ships to out Country.

What do you watched of those observations, inform me within the feedback phase and comply with for more news because it happens.

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