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" We are in trouble ", Mzansi terrified as Nigerians were spotted unpacking AK47s and rifles (VIDEO)

Why are Nigerians so afraid of their own country? Nigerians unloading their AK47S and guns has caused dread among many people throughout the world. Video footage shows a group of Nigerians opening a parcel that appears to have just arrived. Other weapons, including AK47s, may be heard being mentioned by the men. "Yes Oga, they will work," one of the men can be heard stating. A senior or supervisor, the Igbo term "Oga" signifies The term "my oga at the top" can be used to demonstrate respect to someone in a position of power. In other words, there is a leader in charge of that particular crew. It's possible that one of the men asked, "Did you order magazine? "We'll need a magazine for this!"

The video clip is seen in this image.

Following the release of the video, numerous South Africans expressed concern for their own and their countrymen's safety Tweets like "We're in trouble mzansi wake up or else..." were quickly responded to by concerned users. "ANC brought all of this to your attention. As if this wasn't bad enough, the government isn't doing anything. It's clear to us what we mean when we say "defend our borders."

JJ Opperman, a white guy, responded to the video by saying, "@MYANC will soon fight a new war, but alone.". As for the Boers, we'll take care of ourselves and leave the rest of you to your own devices.

How did they get by the airport security checkpoint? This is the most pressing issue. Violent crimes such as murder and gangsterism are fuelled by the availability of illegal firearms, which can never be eradicated from our society. Ex-criminals involved in the drug and gang trade as well as professionals in the field of guns control agree with these findings. Few years ago, South African authorities seized another $5.7 million in Nigerian arms money, nearly three weeks after seizing $9.3 million from two Nigerians and an Israeli for arms purchases.. South African authorities. (Source: me n

While this is going on, Nigerians are being accused of trafficking South African women for s*X. We're begging the South African government to take action on this issue. In the end, everything got out of hand. Operation Dudula by itself will fall short in the battle against undocumented migration. They need government support!

Operation Dudula's pleas must be heard by the government, or the country would go down the drain!



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