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WATCH: Putin solders launched missiles that destroyed the mall in Ukraine

At this point, Ukraine residents who are still alive are just having pure luck and protection from God.

You will recall that Ukraine was attacked by the Russians earlier this year. Thousands of people have lost their lives ever since the attack has been taking place. The president of Russia is not considering withdrawing and the Ukrainian President is not surrendering as well.

Russia has again sent two missiles that have just hit the biggest mall in the city of Ukraine and a lot of people who were inside have lost their lives. The rescue team arrived to save those who were still alive and to stop the fire.

However, this has a bad impact on the world's economy as a whole. Inflation has gone up rapidly and a lot of people are struggling to make a living as the cost of living has increased. South Africa has become one of the most affected countries as they get some supplies from Russia. Now Russia has been banned from many activities and SA is suffering the consequences, their Selling price of many products nowise high. Not everyone can afford to buy groceries now as they are extremely expensive.

However, most of the people who stay in Russia are against what President Putin is up to and they want him to end the war but he is not intended to listen to anyone. He once ordered that no country should intervene in the war that they did start and they didn't know where it had started, or else they will receive twice what Ukraine has been receiving. South Africa tried to stop the war but they were given a warning that the war was not theirs.

This was by Russia, and it has caused many companies to pull out of what they had with the country. This includes the football clubs banned from participating in the world or national tournaments.



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