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Update: SA Donates New Sneakers To The Man Who Was Ridiculed For Wearing Fake Air Force 1’s


On the previous weekend a man who has been identified as Martin Malope went viral on social media as he became a victim of being ridiculed at a local club for allegedly wearing fake Nike Airforce 1 sneakers. 

On the video, one guy speaking Tswana is heard repeatedly saying “aksi yona Air Force” which directly translated, to “it is not an original Air Force” in English.

Although many people found humor in this, there are those who were heart broken by it and they have gone through great lengths to track and find Martin Malope. A Facebook user by the name of Konke Gulwa asked for assistance in finding the whereabouts of Malope, as there were two people who were interested in buying him sneakers and indeed she was able to find him.

Another Facebook user by the name of Siyabonga even got his number and said, “we have got ahold of our black brother Martin, he has requested that we do a video call. I’m waiting on him now. 

Soon after the WhatsApp call, the two men had a video call and talked about how donations would be conducted and so forth.

We are not going to back down. He will be fine in no time.”

Martin Malope’s story proves two things: 

  1. There will always be people who will try by all means to make themselves happy by hurting others.
  2. There will always be people who will show up for you in your darkest moments, no matter how terrible your condition or problem is.

As much as there are people with evil hearts, there is a vast majority of those with beautiful hearts as well. So we must forget about the evil ones and never give up on being in pursuit of those that have good hearts.

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