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What is going on in SA? USA navy seals spotted doing rounds in Cape Town. Pictures

There is a lot happening in South Africa that some people are not aware of. It is not often South Africa is visited by European Soldiers. It was going to be justifiable if the neighbouring countries sent their troops to perform training. However, here we are witnessing the United States of America, Navy seals in the regions of Cape town. It is a rare incident to occur, and South Africans demand answers, in their presence. African soil has accommodated European soldiers and this has raised eyebrows. The USA offers the best military in the history of humankind. There are many reasons why these people might have been deployed in South Africa. To date, there hasn't been any suspicious war that might happen, and their presence is heavily questioned.

“There to support Western Cape Succession? I smell war breaking out here when China Faces off against the US in the South China Sea. East vs West and we might be involved unfortunately.” Some of the opinions thrown by South Africans. We should never rule out the fact that these soldiers might be in this country for their own military operations. South Africa has a partnership with the USA, and the USA might have a concert to be in South Africa. It is pivotal that the SANDF should issue a formal statement confirming the presence of these soldiers and their mission on African soil.ImageImageImageImage

Some of the soldiers are not wearing uniforms, and they are having a nice time in Cape Town. Some of the South Africans were spotted engaging with them and showing Ubuntu. If they are in South Africa for better reasons than war, they are more than welcome to stay for a long time. A war is the last thing that South Africa needs, as the elections are going to take place in 20 days time. There should be peace and love in the country forever.Image


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