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Twitter says he looks like Malema as a soldier from combat

As human beings you must be aware that your looking like someone and some of you may not know the person your being told that your looking the same. It is not a bad thing to look like someone and it is just life with nature.

People from social media are saying this man who comes from a hardship of a combat, looks like Julius Malema and Malema is currently getting birthday wishes from many people online.

The soldier is from a combat and when an army is fighting or protecting citizens, they may not come back looking clean like before their battle. When an army it is in a combat, you may expect explosives and guns.

Those two things may not bring pleasure to anyone and looking at them from a combat situation, getting dirty may be expected. The other soldier looks like Julius Malema when looking at him and taking your time on the picture.

When considering how people are voicing out their views with the picture as a topic from social media, you could not stop being amazed to see what people are thinking about it and how opinionated they are.

Others may find this picture amusing, but then for others it may not seem to be what other people are talking about. Your probably having your own opinion about the picture just like others.

What are your thoughts?

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Julius Malema Malema


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