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'Ukraine's best pilot' killed by Russia days after getting President Zelensky honour

Despite being recognized as Ukraine's greatest air force pilot in 2019, President Volodymr Zelensky only granted Anton Lystopad the ward a few days before he was murdered in battle last week.

A distinguished pilot of the Ukrainian air force was killed in action a few days after receiving a prize from President Volodymr Zelensky.

The 2019 winner of the title of finest pilot in the Ukrainian Air Force, Anton Lystopad, died in the line of duty.

His "courage, bravery, and professionalism" earned him the prize just a few days prior, but he tragically perished at the hands of the Russian troops.

Although it is unclear how or where in Ukraine he passed away, the Physics and Technical Lyceum of the Ivano-Frankivsk Regional Council announced his passing.

They posted the following on Facebook: "Millions of Ukrainians watched with pride and joy the flying of an aviation column of the parade of troops over Khreshchatyk on the day of the 30th anniversary of Independence.

Only a few days after receiving a high honor, Anton was killed in battle.

Days after receiving a high honor, Anton was killed in action: "Our Anton was the head of this column.

"Anton's journey at the controls of a fighter was challenging but important.

"However, the young guy steadfastly followed his goal of becoming a pilot in order to soar above the clouds like a bird and take in the beauty of the planet from a bird's-eye perspective.

A few days before to his passing, the President gave him a prestigious state medal for his bravery and professionalism: the Order for Courage of the Third Degree.

"Anton Listopad legitimately belongs to the number of the most popular among the present generations of lyceum graduates of our educational institution," said the person who designated him the nation's finest Air Force pilot in 2019.

Between 2006 until 2008, Anton attended the Lyceum to study.

Ukrainians who live close to the Zaporizhzhya nuclear power plant were reportedly forced to leave their houses earlier today due to mounting fears that Vladimir Putin's soldiers would bring about a nuclear disaster.

The president recently presented the pilot with the award.

The largest nuclear power facility in Europe was taken over by Russian soldiers at the beginning of the invasion and even set on fire during bombardment, prompting warnings from officials of a catastrophe "ten times greater than Chernobyl."

Fortunately, the fire was put out, but there are still disputes over the location. Russian military were once more bombarding the area around the factory, according to Ukrainian officials over the weekend.


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