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Putin’s armies clearing out Russian jails over fears they are running out of troops

Although Vladimir Putin invaded Ukraine almost six months ago, there have been few indications that his forces would be able to end the contentious conflict very soon.

According to a military officer, Vladimir Putin is rummaging through Russia's prison system in an effort to find soldiers to help his stalled invasion of Ukraine.

Nearing six months into his invasion of its neighbor, the Russian autocrat has made little progress toward putting an end to the war by seizing Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine.

Due to the impasse, Russian State TV has been airing increasingly strange warnings, including one channel's warning of "Armageddon" at a nuclear power facility and its threat to strike London.

Now, Lieutenant General Sir Simon Mayall has asserted that Putin is out of alternatives following a British ex-assertion general's that Putin may launch a nuclear attack by next spring.

Russia was invaded by Vladimir Putin about six months ago.

Mayall said on Times Radio that taking and holding terrain requires a large number of determined infantrymen who have received proper training.

Furthermore, the Russians are running low. According to what we hear, they are paying many very poor people in the east of the country and clearing out the jails as a method of enlisting new members into the military.

We seen at Mariupol what a few, fiercely driven Ukrainian infantrymen were able to accomplish in keeping the steelworks, which illustrates the difficulty the Russians face.

The army general came to the conclusion that if Russia wanted to annex even more of Ukraine, they would require a sizable infantry force to support their missile defenses.

President Putin

Putin's "suicidal" attacks on a nuclear power station have drawn criticism from the UN

After the Zaporizhzhia nuclear power station was shelled, the UN denounced "suicidal" Russian forces, sparking concerns that the explosions could start a catastrophic calamity akin to the Chernobyl tragedy.

Reports of individuals being taken prisoner and sent to detention facilities have surfaced as his men quietly advanced into Ukrainian cities; one eyewitness claimed that prisoners would frequently be abused.


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