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Remember How ISIS Raided 4th Largest Weapons Stockpile That Led To Africa's Proliferation Of Weapons

In the midst of the Libyan crisis, Al-Qaeda seizes control of the Benghazi protests. Gadaffi dispatches security operatives to quell the protests, which have resulted in the burning of public buildings. The western media goes into a frenzy. Gadaffi has been accused of bombing protesters. Before we know it, headlines in the western press proclaiming that Gadaffi must step down. Protesters take to the streets, setting businesses ablaze as they do so. Gadaffi has dispatched troops to disperse the protests once more this year. Civilians are killed in the process.

That was the justification that French President Nicolas Sarkozy had been looking for all along. After flying to Washington, he is successful in persuading Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to persuade President Barack Obama to use the most powerful military alliance in the world (NATO) to act as riot police in Libya. Obama is in agreement. NATO launches its first round of bombardment. Libya's development has been wiped out in a matter of weeks, after 50 years. Gadaffi is assassinated in his own home. His assassination was caught on live television. "We've Arrived. We'd Observed. He passed away ".....

Libyans are beginning to realize their error, but it is too late. ISIS and al-Qaida launch an attack on what was once the world's fourth-largest stockpile of weapons. The looting occurred in warehouses containing surface-to-air missiles, mortars, and anti-tank mines. When we say wooden crates, we're talking about mortar shells that are stacked more than 10 feet high. Can we rule out the possibility of NATO bombing or sending troops to secure these armories? Absolutely. Did they, or didn't they? No. Al-Qaida was able to seize control of Libya's eastern provinces because of the vast arsenals that had been left unguarded.

Libyans were able to pick up anti-tank missiles like ants because the weapons were so plentiful. Libyans were armed every second of the day. The terrorists had so many weapons that they were at a loss as to what to do with all of them. As a result, they began supplying weapons to militants in the Sahel region, with Boko Haram and Tuaregs militants being the primary beneficiaries. The rest, as they say, is history. Africa's painful chapter in history was brought about by the western media's manipulative narrative, which sought to enforce stereotypes and create drama in order to sell more products. The sooner we recognize that the western media is Africa's number one adversary, the better our chances of avoiding being duped into committing acts of self-sabotage under the false pretense that we are embarking on a historic chapter in our history.


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