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Inside China's terrifying nuclear arsenal - how plans could hand Xi Jinping 1,000 warheads

Despite Vladimir Putin's most recent actions in Ukraine, CHINA remains a member of a group of nuclear-capable nations that have recently allied themselves with Russia. Because China has learned many of Russia's trade secrets, despite the fact that its arsenal is slightly smaller than that of its ally, it is nearly as capable.

China continues to maintain relationships with its neighbor and longtime ally in the east, Russia, despite the fact that it does not fully support Russia's invasion of Ukraine. Their relationship is still predominately driven by business, and it is one that has grown stronger between them ever since the "special military operation" in Ukraine began in February. Although they have not strengthened their military ties in quite the same way, both of these countries are armed to the teeth with nuclear weapons, and China has made it public that they intend to construct even more.

The Chinese government is known to be one of the most secretive in the world, and any initiatives taken on the home front are never discussed publicly.

However, western powers believe that China has the largest stockpiles among the countries that fall into the range of three figures, ranking it third only behind Russia and the United States, both of which have 5,550 and 6,257 respectively.

Roughly one hundred of these are intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBMs), which are able to reach countries in western hemisphere.

There are approximately 350 warheads under Xi Jinping's control, one of which is a cutting-edge delivery system that has recently shocked the scientific community.

A terrifying look inside China's nuclear arsenal, including how plans could be handed 1,000 nuclear warheads for Xi Jinping (Image: GETTY)

China is one of the few countries in the world to possess hypersonic delivery systems, which are able to travel at speeds several times faster than sound.

In August of 2021, the country carried out a hypersonic test that blew the minds of US intelligence agencies by involving the launch of a missile that went around the world before striking its intended target.

The speed of the missile, which was capable of carrying a nuclear warhead, was five times faster than the speed of sound (1,715 metres per second).

When put through its paces, a missile moving at this speed would be able to elude the majority of the western world's defenses.

The People's Republic of China possesses around 350 nuclear warheads and has nuclear weapons (Image: GETTY)

According to reports, Mr. Xi is working toward the spread of nuclear weapons, despite the fact that western security services have only recorded one test.

The Department of Defense of the United States estimates that China will make an effort to acquire a sufficient number of warheads to outweigh the supplies held by all of its nearest nuclear competitors combined.

In December of 2021, the Pentagon issued a study in which it detailed what were believed to be measures hatched by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) to quicken the pace of growth.

According to one estimate by the Pentagon, the party would more than treble the amount of warheads at its disposal by the year 2027.

The make-up of China's armed forces, including its nuclear arsenal (Image: EXPRESS)

Officials anticipate that China will be able to produce an additional 350 warheads during the following five years and 650 more by the year 2030.

If this magnitude of proliferation were to take place, the country's total population would increase to between 700 and 1,000.

That would make the country only the third in all of history to amass an arsenal in the region of four figures, giving it a significant advantage over both the United Kingdom and France.

The two countries in Europe have roughly 225 and 290 nuclear weapons between them, making them the most heavily armed nations on the continent.

There are just four more countries in the world that have the ability to produce nuclear weapons.

With 165 and 156 warheads respectively, Pakistan and India trail Europe just slightly, while Israel possesses 90 nuclear weapons.

North Korea is also on the list; experts estimate that it possesses between 40 and 50 warheads, and the country's missile tests have demonstrated that it possesses the technology necessary to use them.

According to reports, the nation, which has in the past carried out missile tests over Japan and South Korea, possesses sufficient fissile material to produce between six and seven more missiles per year.


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