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South Africans Hit Back At SANDF For Hitting Back At Afriforum.

South Africans Hit Back At SANDF For Hitting Back At Afriforum.

A few weeks ago, Afriform came up with a border control initiative. They deployed two sniffer dogs to gaurd the borders from illegal immigrants who are in possession of drugs and guns. South Africans who have been crying of the immigration crisis welcomed this very well but the SANDF has not taken this very well.

The South African Defence Force hit back at Afriforum saying that safeguarding and patrolling the borders is their responsibility and not the responsibility of any other groups or non state groupings.

South Africans did not take this very well as many said that if they do not do their job then they other groupings would not do their job. Others also mentioned that had they done their work then there would not be so illegal immigrants in the country.

" Also the @SANDF_ZA has no right to dictate to Afriforum members who own property on the border not to protect themselves or their properties and livestock from illegal Zimbo invaders".

" We wouldn't have such huge numbers of undocumented people if defense for did their job well, i guess bj's, bend overs were tickets for illegals to cross".

" They do peacekeepers missions in other countries, while leaving their own country naked exposed to all sorts of attacks from the enemies".

The SANDF should do their job if they do not want other groups doing their job. They should be ashamed that someone else has taken an initiative to do their job. This shows how the South African government has neglected their jobs and failed to serve the needs of the citizens.

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