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War: Japan Took A Serious Decision Against Russian After Its Rocket Attack And Kill Many In Ukraine

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Japan has placed a complete embargo on the importation of coal from Russia as a direct response to the ongoing conflict that is taking place between Russia and Ukraine.

At a news conference in Tokyo, Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida announced not just the expulsion of eight Russian mediators but also this piece of information.

Kishida claimed that Russia was responsible for the atrocities that had been committed in Ukraine ever since the conflict between the two neighboring countries broke out in February of this year.

"Russia has committed many violations of international humanitarian law by carrying out attacks against thermal power plants and murdering civilians. These horrendous acts should not be tolerated." According to what was reported by the BBC, Kishida was speaking to correspondents.

The statement that "Japan stands with Ukraine" was made by Kishida.

Russia is responsible for 11 percent of Japan's total coal imports, making it the country's third-largest transporter of coal in the world behind India and China.

On the very same day that sanctions are going to be imposed on Russia, Russian rocket fire on a railway station in Kramatorsk, Ukraine, resulting in the deaths of a huge number of civilians, including children.

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