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Putin’s global master-plan laid bare as Russia "face" 3 other countries

An analyst has cautioned that VLADIMIR PUTIN may "take a swing" at three other former Soviet states.

This week, after Russian forces invaded their neighbor earlier in the year, Russian President Vladimir Putin accused the US of escalating the conflict in Ukraine. He said: "They need battles to maintain their hegemony," and then he appeared to take aim at Western nations that had sent weapons to Ukraine. Because of this, they have made the Ukrainian people into ammunition. The scenario in Ukraine demonstrates how the US is attempting to prolong the war and how it behaves when attempting to inflame crises in Asia, Africa, and Latin America.

Putin claims that the US is attempting to ignite new wars throughout the world, while a former NATO official asserts that Russia may raise its own military aspirations.

Putin might "take a swipe" at three additional former Soviet states, according to General Sir Richard Shirreff in an interview with The Globalist on Monday.

"Putting ourselves in Vladimir Putin's shoes, if he is able to do so, it would definitely make sense to take a shot at Moldova, as well as Georgia and maybe Kazakhstan," he added.

"His long-term goal is to rebuild the Russian empire, which entails not only effectively eradicating Ukraine off the map but also including those four other former Soviet countries. especially Moldova, but also Georgia."

The question of whether Russia could seize Moldova more easily was then put to General Shirref in light of the challenges experienced by Moscow's forces in Ukraine.

"All that assumes Putin has the resources to do so, and at this time he does not," he said.

News about Putin: A specialist cautioned that Putin may attack other nations, such as Moldova (Image: getty)

If you're Putin, you won't need much to eat up Moldova because it's smaller than Ukraine and will require less of a military force to accomplish it.

"However, even that is likely beyond him right now. He has made hardly any progress over the past few months, the Ukrainians are successfully retaliating, his supply lines are overstretched, and his manpower is underutilized.

"Although I believe it is unlikely at the moment, a plan for post-Soviet states like Moldova is necessary," the analyst said.

When Putin supporter and Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko pointed to a map in March that showed Russian forces invading the nation in a fictitious military operation, many people believed Moldova may be a target of Russia.

Putin news: a map of the nations that Russia is threatening (Photo: Express)

In recent months, the authorities of Moldova have voiced their worries over the military danger that Russia poses.

Natalia Gavrilița, the prime minister of Moldova, expressed concern to CNN in July that her nation would be next on Putin's hit list.

We are obviously quite concerned if military operations extend deeper into the southwest of Ukraine and toward Odessa, the woman stated.

Such a situation is still "hypothetical," Ms. Gavriliţa said.

According to Putin, Transnistria's capital is Tiraspol. (Photo: getty)

Any upcoming conflicts could be centered on the area of Transnistria, a breakaway state that is not recognized by Moldova but is recognized internationally as a part of it.

It is a tiny sliver of land that runs along Moldova's eastern border.

Transnistria is a region backed by Russia even though no United Nations members recognize its independence.

Around 1,500 Russian soldiers are stationed in Transnistria; Moscow refers to them as a "peacekeeping" force.

Moldova, on the other hand, suffered under Moscow's influence both during and after the Soviet Union's existence; the nation now aspires to join the EU.


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