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Watch : Boer Receives Criticism For Beating And Shooting A Black Guy

The video shows an incident where a farmer shot one black man, the farmer will obviously defend himself and say he was shooting them for trespassing because he first gave them a warning shot. Seems like they already had plans and thought that he would hesitate to shoot them, they then approached him in attempt to enter his farm...that’s why he then retaliated and shot one of them. Some people think that the man should be arrested because, the four guys seemed unarmed. They cannot be sure of that because, these guys could have been hiding knives in their pockets.

There is no reason to blame a person who’s protecting their property and themselves, farmers have been killed many times and justice has not been served for many of them. These guys could be the very same guys that go around killing farmers senselessly, so just because they are black and he is doesn’t mean he should not defend his farm and be accused of being racist. The race card that is always being played is the main reason why some black people who are criminals always go and attack whites, all in the name of not being armed.

Many people are saying this man should get arrested for shooting unarmed guys, they believe that his action is unlawful and he had no reason to shoot them because he had no idea what they wanted and they had not entered his home at that time. There is no reason for a person to wait for criminals to take action, that one chance that a person misses could be the time that the criminals uses to kill him or her. So there is no reason to attack this man just because he is white, and he shot at black men who were trying to trespass. Everyone who is in his position would do the same. What's your take on this matter?

Watch video below:

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