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Theft robbery

Phala thief claims he was SA Army peacekeeper before life of luxury

The supposed driving force behind the thievery at President Cyril Ramaphosa's Limpopo game ranch told fantastical stories to a Namibian court, it arose for this present week.

Imanuwela David said he turned into a rich Johannesburg property designer in 2020 in the wake of serving in the SA Army in Abu Dhabi, Mali, Iraq and Libya.

This is as indicated by a court record gave to the Namibian National Assembly on Thursday by Albert Kawana, the priest of home undertakings, movement, wellbeing and security.

The record is from procedures in the Karasburg officer's court, where David was pursued for crossing the Orange River in a kayak close to the Vioolsdrif verge on June 12 2020, when cross-line make a trip was restricted because of the Covid-19 lockdown.David likewise guaranteed this unlawful intersection was to scout a potential property improvement in Namibia.

As per previous state Security Agency chief general Arthur Fraser, David was the driving force behind the thievery at Ramaphosa's Phala ranch on February 9 2020, when he and assistants purportedly took something like $4m concealed in a couch.

David still can't seem to be captured regarding the supposed robbery which, as indicated by Fraser, was concealed in the midst of endeavors to recuperate the cash by the official security unit.

Well before Fraser's June 1 oath named David as the genius, the supposed robber was assuming a focal part in an embarrassment in Namibia.

After he crossed the line with two extravagance watches, a gold chain, and Namibian and US cash identical to about R488,000, David purportedly paid off previous National Fishing Corporation of Namibia (Fishcor) CEO Paulus Ngalangi and a police sergeant, Hendrik Nghede, to work with his unlawful passage.

The preliminary of Ngalangi and Nghede is supposed to continue in July after they argued not blameworthy.

David confessed to movement and customs offenses and paid a R20,000 fine in the wake of telling the court he had three youngsters, matured 12, 8 and eight months, and that he was hitched.

His legal counselor, Percy McNally, told the court David was utilized by a property designer in Fourways, Johannesburg.

"(David) finished matric in 2002 whereafter he enrolled in the SA Army. He was in Abu Dhabi, Iraq, Mali and Libya accomplishing peacekeeping work," he said. The SA National Defense Force has never directed peacekeeping tasks in any of these nations.

As per McNally, David didn't want to illicitly cross the Orange. "(David) was en route to Swakopmund to scout some turn of events and he didn't see himself getting back to Pretoria after he was educated that he was unable to enter Namibia because of Covid-19; in this manner he decided to enter Namibia at one more mark of passage," he said.

"It was anything but a shrewd choice. (David) presently needs to confront the outcomes of his hasty activities which is adversely influencing him concerning his sentiments and cash."

After his capture David tried positive for Covid-19 subsequent to arriving at Windhoek, and investigator Yeukai Kangira said he had set the whole country in danger.

"(David) further expense the Namibian government citizens' cash as he must be isolated close by the entirety of his recognizable contacts from Karasburg up to Windhoek. It is thus that an obstacle sentence should be placed on the blamed to stop him and would-be wrongdoers," said Kangira.

'David was voyaging softly'

In a private report, previous Namibian police magistrate Nelius Becker specifies a "individual of interest" engaged with David's developments across the line.

This "individual of interest", a Johannesburg entrepreneur who asked not to be named, told TimesLIVE he was approached by a companion to ship David to Vioolsdrif, where he was supposed to go to a gathering.

"I just knew his name as Imma. He was voyaging softly, he just had a rucksack and his cellphone," the man said, affirming that Imma was David when he was shown pictures of David.

He said they set up for a cabin for the night with the assumption that he would return the individual to Pretoria the following day. Notwithstanding, David called him and let him know he would remain on there for some time longer and that he could return to Pretoria all alone.

'He is the most pleasant person'

A dear companion of David, who requested to stay mysterious, said individuals who realized him were stunned by what had arisen in Fraser's testimony and since.

"He is the most pleasant person when you know him. An extremely nice, rational and chilled fellow," he said.

"He was extremely liberal and minding towards others, had heaps of lady friends and loved the conspicuous things, particularly watches and Gucci dress and clubbing. He sent me a bill that he paid at Sneaker Cartel club, where he burned through R106,000 on seven containers of Armand de Brignac Ace of Spades Gold Brut and two hubblies.

"I'm a gatherer of watches, and by the watches that he wore, which incorporated a $150,000 Hublot, you can see he can bear the cost of things."

TimesLIVE has a duplicate of the club bill, which contains David's name and mark.

The companion said nobody understood what David did "and we can't envision him planning this robbery. I talked to him as of late and when I referenced the robbery he chuckled a ton about it, yet he never affirmed or denied it."

He expressed something David's companions had consistently pondered was where he got his cash from.

Falcons sources said Arthur Fraser's sworn statement endeavored to represent the resources Imanuwela David purchased with the returns of the Phala robbery by including a Facebook picture transferred by David in September 2018, 17 months before the supposed thievery.

He said he accepted David knew towards the finish of last year that something was coming. "He has been requesting that individuals get him an identification, yet nobody needs to help. We realized he was frantic to leave SA.

"Out of nowhere between August 2021 and January 2022 David sold his BMW M5, Range Rover Sport, Mercedes-Benz C63 and VW Golf R, which was matched to the shade of his Hublot watch which was rose gold.

"He sold his Range Rover Sport for R1.6m, his Golf for R650,000, his BMW M5, which was splashed with variety evolving paint, Mercedes-Benz C63 for about R1.5m. He ultimately sold his Mercedes-Benz G-Wagon for R2.5m which he purchased from selling his different vehicles.

"As of late he needed to sell his Porsche, which is worth about R7m, however with all that has occurred around him, his companions have pulled out of the arrangement."

The companion said while a significant number of the vehicles were in the names of his co-denounced, the cash from the deals generally went to him.

TimesLIVE is in control of the vehicle enrollment papers for David's vehicles, which shows no less than one is enlisted for the sake of Urbanus Shaumbwako, one of the men blamed for breaking into Ramaphosa's ranch.

"In December he gave our companion $20,000 in clean fresh bills, actually wrapped. He guaranteed it was from a precious stone arrangement he did in November. He believed that the cash should go towards purchasing a vehicle. Our companion couldn't trade it so David had somebody come and get them."

" Recently he needed to sell his Porsche, which is worth about R7m, yet with all that has occurred around him, his companions have pulled out of the arrangement. "

The companion said In December 2021, David went to Mozambique, supposedly for a jewel bargain.

"Before he went he said he expected to sell his Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG and that R50,000 from it would obviously go to individuals at the boundary."

David neglected to answer demands for input.

A few of David's Instagram pictures from his presently erased account likewise show he began carrying on with a sumptuous way of life in 2018, some time before the Phala robbery, a reality which was brought up in Becker's report.

"An Instagram search uncovered that (David) has two records. On the primary record his photos reflect ordinary posting and vehicles and his appearance has all the earmarks of being normal to poor. In his second Instagram account dated from around April 2018 you see a reasonable change in his profile, and he is posting with better dress and a costly vehicle," Becker said.

"On December 30 2019 he posts: 'I can gladly say this is the start of superb changes in all of us and my life'."


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