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Limpopo Boko Haram sentenced to 384 years in prison

Source: Twitter

The justice system has done well this time because it is managed to put people who were actually troubling community members and also business owners into prison permanently.

These three guys were associated with a lot of crimes that were demoralising community members and finally they have been imprisoned.

This is something that we always expect from the justice system, that it should be fair and it must make sure that those people who are committing crimes go to prison for a very long time.

These people were no longer safe to stay with other people as whatever it is that they would try to do would be deemed as crime because they have troubled many people.

They must never get out of prison because they’ve done more harm to people and as such there are possibilities that people would take the law into their own hands if these people are released.

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Limpopo Boko Haram


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