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OPINION| The War Veterans Taught Thandi Modise a Lesson

I have said this before and I will say it again. This country's understanding and management of democracy is bizarre to say the least. Ministers are held hostage by so-called war veterans and all we hear is that those responsible are merely charged for kidnapping, I'm my view, this is tantamount to a charge of high treason! Not only is this country a laughing stock, we are a big circus. The ruling party is simply incapable of governing and the sooner we accept that the better it will be. This hostage and many incidents, including the prelude to the July insurrection, have been brewing for long enough for any serious government to have dealt with effectively. We know about the Intelligence Community that is is disarrayIt seems ruling party is more concerned with managing "democracy" (which in fact is managing the ruling party's own interests rather than that of the country) while lawlessness is on the rise! We are the best democracy in the world with the world's best constitution we tell ourselves! This constitution and it's democracy simply doesn't inspire or embody discipline and devoid of nation building. This is why everyone, including people coming from countries which don't even have any constitution to talk about, take this country for granted! What has happened bears all the hallmarks of a failed state, thanks to the leader of society

We are gradually turning into a failed state, there is no rule of law the has failed this country that we are becoming a playing ground for foreign terrorists at the cost of its citizens. I sometimes wonder how involved is the RET behind this. As citizens if we fail to be decisive about our country in the coming elections we would have failed ourselves

This country is a circus, even their foreign policy is confused, let their followers see how weak their ruling party is, these are just symptoms the is more to come we will be ruled by foreigners under their watch

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