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In Cape Town, Operation Dudula comes to an end. Take a look at what they did after booking a hotel

Gauteng, the North West, and KwaZulu-Natal have already formed branches of Operation Dudula. In Cape Town, the organization is expanding its sphere of influence. 

This morning, police in Cape Town are out in force to monitor Operation Dudula. There has been a steady rise in the number of members of the controversial organization. Cape Town, according to one of its leaders, is plagued by drug dealers posing as hotel owners in order to launder drug cash. Zandile claims that several members of the group hired a hotel in Cape Town under the mistaken belief that it was owned by South Africans when they arrived on Friday evening. When they discovered that the hotel was owned by Nigerians, they canceled the reservation immediately. For this reason, we didn't want to disappoint our group, which is anti-foreign ownership in our country. 

Unemployed South Africans are being hired by local businesses over illegal immigrants, according to Operation Dudula, which says that the government is not doing enough to secure the country's porous borders. Due to the fact that they are against foreigners, they had to cancel their reservation. No one wanted to dispute what they stand for or what they are trying to combat. Good decision! 

"Lux" Dlamini's movement, which has been targeting undocumented migrants in places with a high concentration of foreigners in South Africa, has been spearheaded by Nhlanhla Paballo Mohlauli. A large number of visitors from outside the country have disappeared from view in the city of Cape Town today. They're afraid of Dudula activists, who are on their way to Home Affairs to deliver a memorandum to the department. After her son was stabbed by Nigerians, Operation Dudula member stands in the middle of the demonstrators, declaring that she is there to "get rid of the foreigners." 

It's also claimed by several residents of Cape Town that the DA has urged them to oppose Operation Dudula. It's hard for me to believe that communities in South Africa that are directly affected by the DA's agenda can reject a movement that strives to solve their concerns. For the people, for the people, Operation Dudula is! Does DA have a plan in place to combat the crimes committed by illegal foreigners that are affecting everyday citizens?


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