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VIDEO: Guy In Tears After Military Officer Puts Snake On His Shoulder During Training Session

Those who wish to become officers in Ghana have undergone arduous training to eliminate all fear and panic on the battlefield. In view of this, any young person who wants to serve as a soldier in Ghana must first be a brave person. People also need to have extraordinary strength, ready to die for the country at any time.

 A young man undergoing officer training cried after an officer ordered a snake to be placed on his shoulder during training. Looking at the video carefully, it appears that the military officers sent some young soldiers to snake tourist attractions to train them to be brave. You can actually see other young officers in the background of the video.

 But the young soldier in your picture is very afraid of the snake on his shoulder. The officer told the tour guide to put the snake on the man's shoulder, but the man heard in the video saying in Twi language: "Oh my God, I don't like snakes."

 The officer even ignored him. He told the man "Hey, turn left". The guy did, but the snake's head got closer and closer to his hand, so he told him to be careful. The guy then put his hand on his back, but the soldier shouted at him: "Hey, where do you put your hand?". The guy screamed while crying. He was afraid of snakes biting his hands."

 You can also watch the video through the following link:

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