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" We are in trouble ", Mzansi terrified as Nigerians were spotted unpacking AK47s and rifles (VIDEO)

What is it about Nigerians that sows the seeds of terror? A video of Nigerians unloading AK47s and weapons has sparked a wave of dread. A group of Nigerians can be seen in the video unwrapping a parcel that they appear to have gotten just moments before. The men can be heard discussing the contents of the shipment, which includes AK47s and other weapons. According to one of the men: "Yes Oga," he can be heard replying. "Senior or boss" is the Igbo word for "Oga." The term "my oga at the top" can be used to demonstrate respect to someone in a position of power. As a result, it implies that a figurehead is in charge of the men in question. It's possible that one of the men asked, "Did you order magazine? "We'll need a magazine for this!" 

A screenshot of the video clip is shown here. 

Some South Africans have expressed anxiety about their own safety and that of their fellow residents in the wake of the video. Tweeps began shouting, "We're in crisis, Mzansi, wake up or else..." It's all ANC's fault," he says. Can't the government do anything...and once again, innocent people will pay the price. The phrase "defend our borders" means more than just a slogan to us. 

"@MYANC will fight a new war soon, but alone," said JJ Opperman, a white man who saw the video. The rest of you may leave us Boers alone; we'll take care of our own. 

How did they manage to get by security at the airport? The most important question is this. There will never be an end to the fight against the proliferation of illegal firearms, which fuels violent crimes like as murder, gangsterism, and bank robberies. Experts, gun control watchdogs, and ex-traffickers in drugs and gangs all agree on this. More than three weeks after capturing $9.3 million in cash smuggled by two Nigerians and an Israeli for the purchase of weaponry, South African officials have seized another $5.7 million in weapons money from Nigeria.

Meanwhile, Nigerians are selling South African girls for sex to Nigerians. We're pleading with the government of South Africa to step in. It's gotten out of hand, to put it mildly. The struggle against illegal immigration cannot be won alone by Operation Dudula. They require government assistance! 

To avoid a financial disaster, the government must pay attention to the screams of Operation Dudula.



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