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Cash Van Bombed In Diepsloot

Just like gender based violence, the South African government is failing to come with ways and means to deal with the cases of Cash in Transit Heists, we here of these cases day in and day out, on every news headlines, there should be a case of a cash van that has been bombed somewhere in the country, there is absolutely nothing the government is doing to make sure that these heists never happen anymore.

When you work for a cash transporting company, you never know if you will make it home after work, when you leave home in the morning to start your shift, your goodbyes may have been the last ones you said to your family, since these criminals don't even think twice when they have set their target on the back of a cash van, they shoot and bomb the cash van disregarding the lives of the people inside the vehicle, all they want is the money, they careless of the implications of their actions, who dies or gets hurt during the bombing doesn't really mean anything to them.

A cash van has been bombed in Gauteng on Friday morning on the N14/R511 in Diepsloot, the visuals emerging from the scene shows a the can which was blown up left in shreds with onlookers watching as the members of the South African Police Services do their job at the crime scene, the bombed vehicle was stationery as the pieces were just all over the place.

It has not yet been reported whether there were injuries sustained during the bombing, or any deaths as a result of the explosion, the amount of money that was taken is yet to be reported as well, but the thugs made away with a lot of money that was being transported, hoping that no one was injured or killed during this robbery.


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