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Ukraine soldiers are now refusing to continue fighting with Russia.

It become at the 24th of february 2022 whilst the russian president vladimir putin ordered his military pressure to invade ukraine with on the spot impact and start assaults he has been caution for a few months. The battle between ukraine soldiers and russian infantrymen starts offevolved on that date and even these days, they are nevertheless working on conflict, with russia invading distinctive ukrainian cities. Few days in the past, the ukrainian president volodymyr zelenskyy introduced that they're prepared to keep fighting however this appears to be unique with what his soldiers desires. There are films making waves on net, displaying ukrainian squaddies refusing to keep fighting. It seems like now this soldiers desires their president to start channeling for peace not a struggle. Apparently many ukrainian infantrymen have been taken away by using russian pressure and lots of civilians got killed while hundreds of thousands and hundreds of thousands have jumped the boarders.


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