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A Pakistan National Linked To Kidnappings Was Assassinated After Getting Bail

A Pakistani national linked to kidnappings has been shot dead in Fordsburg, Johannesburg. It doesn’t get more obvious that this that people are very tired of the kidnappings in the country, and the criminal activities which have been perpetrated in the country.

What is even more surprising to the common people is the fact that the individuals who are implicated are the same ones who have been kidnapping one another, and which are Pakistan nationals many people had thought that the many people had thought that it was the black South Africans who perpetrated all these criminal activities

The victim or suspect was released on bail recently, the man thought that he had gotten away with the criminal activities yet again but this time around it is clear that his luck had run out and he has paid the ultimate price with his life.

A man walked up to him and shot him in the head, this is clearly an assassination however where it is coming from we cannot say and we have reason to believe that the individual may have been assassinated by his friends because they feared that his release might have come very easy.

To an extent where it could easily be attributed to snitching or becoming an informant of the police so of course the individual has been unfortunately killed, and those Pakistan nationals who have fallen victim to the crimes of this individual are rejoicing as they find closure.

The kidnappings have also been linked to the involvement of police officers who are allegedly illegally benefiting from such activities because then they tend to act as impartial observers, all the while they’ll be spying on the inside pretending to be helping the family find whoever it is that needs to be found and returned.

The ordinary members of the public are rejoicing, because of course the perpetrators of crimes have been brought to justice.

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