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PROVEN 5 people lost their lives in this car bombing after being targeted at least 10 are badly hurt

PROVEN 5 people lost their lives in this car bombing after being targeted at least 10 are badly hurt 


South Africa is no longer a safe country for everyone who lives in it, week in, week out at least 10 people are being killed and most of them are victims.

A car bombing that left the community in shock and fear whole it leaves five families in tears after they lost their families, the car was targeted by a group of terrorists who had the intention to kill the government officials.

The group of government officials who were under the horrible attack by the unruly terrorists, some of them did by luck survive the brutal incident but they are injured.

Those who were killed in the horrible terrorist attack that took so many lives include the following government officials who were in the vehicle that was bombed by the terrorists.

The governor's press secretary and his photographer, the head of his security detail and fourth companion as well as a civilian bystander, the report also revealed that at least 10 of the government officials were badly injured during the horrible attack that was initiated by the terrorists.

Police officers who were responsible at the crime scene mentioned that the vehicles were specifically targeted, the aim and intentions of the terrorists were to kill all of the government officials.

Unfortunately, that did not happen most of the officials did survive the attack and they will be able to explain better what happened and why it happened in the first place. The police are still on the hunt for the suspects and that is willing to do anything to find them alive and well so that they can put them behind bars. 

The horrible attack left a lot of people in the community shocked and shuttered by the brutal incident that resulted in so many deaths of government officials. 

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