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"What are foreign American troops doing on our soil?" Tony Yengeni asked a damning question

The ANC veteran and a person from the National Executive Committee of the ANC, Tony Yengeni has taken Twitter represent a censuring request, concerning the presence of American fighters on the South African soil. Obviously the American warriors are in South Africa.

To be sure, the ANC veteran shared a picture showing a couple of American troopers holding the United States pennant, for specific several American fighters inside the South African Soldiers. In any case, Tony Yengeni, who has expected a very tremendous part in South African legislative issues for over various years, is apparently enthusiastic about finding out definitively why are American fighters mixing with SANDF on the South African soil.

Anyway, someone who seemed, by all accounts, to be a lot of acquainted with the point, pointed out Tony Yengeni that the American troopers and SANDF have been getting ready together. Moreover, what he ( Tony Yengeni) is seeing, is business as usual, considering the way that the planning between American fighters and SANDF began a really long time back.

In any case, Tony Yengeni seemed, by all accounts, to be not to be particularly lively about the American standard being lifted up on the South African soil.

The ANC veteran basically fought that "American flag can fly at their office.. not Anywhere else.. that American pennant ought to dive immediately"

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