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Putin calls up fat Russian general as he scrapes the barrel after heavy losses

A DESPERATE In order to bolster his faltering invasion of Ukraine, Vladimir Putin has "dragged" out of retirement a Russian general who served during the time of the Soviet Union.

According to reports, the veteran of Russia's terrible war in Afghanistan who is coming to Russia's assistance is a frequent drinker who also struggles with his weight. It is generally agreed that the disastrous invasion of the nation by the Soviet Union in 1979, which resulted in the deaths of more than 15,000 Russian soldiers, was a contributing factor in the fall of the communist government. Now that General Pavel has returned, Putin most certainly hopes that he won't repeat the same mistakes that he did before.

Last night, a senior intelligence source provided an explanation for the motivation for Putin's decision to "bring" the veteran back into battle. On Sunday, they said the following to the Daily Star: "Putin is now scraping the barrel.

He has had to resort to sending second-rate officers who don't stay very long to the front lines because the majority of his best and most experienced senior commanders have been dead or injured fighting in Ukraine.

"He is now bringing generals out of retirement, and one of those he has brought out is General Pavel. "

"Putin is comparable to a mafia lord who commands absolute obedience from everyone. There is not much that can be done if a retired general gets a communication from Putin saying that mother Russia needs them to fight in Ukraine.

Because of the sanctions, leaving Russia is not an option at this point.

Putin summons up a 67-year-old fat Russian general who is compelled to'scrape the barrel' to battle i. (Image: Star)

It would appear that Vladimir Putin is resorting to increasingly extreme tactics in an attempt to alter the tide of the battle. (Image courtesy of Getty)

After serving in the military for more than 40 years, Pavel eventually became a commander in Russia's special forces 25 years ago. It is believed that he served in Syria right up until the time that he officially retired from active duty five years ago.

He had been residing in a suburb of Moscow up until very recently, but it is believed that he was given orders to go back to active duty around a month ago. According to reports, his enormous girth necessitates the use of two sets of body armor, and the general had to have his uniform specially tailored to accommodate him.

It is also common knowledge that Pavel needs five meals a day, each of which must be followed by at least one liter of vodka. It is reported that as many as ten generals from the Russian army have been killed thus far in the conflict.

In the meanwhile, perhaps around 30 top officials have been taken captive.

The number of Russian tanks that have been lost is significant. (Image courtesy of Getty)

According to the most recent estimates, anywhere from 30,000 to 100,000 Russian servicemen have been injured or died as a result of their participation in military operations. It has been stated that Russia has lost almost 4,000 tanks and other armoured vehicles, as well as 620 drones, 216 combat planes, and 183 attack helicopters.

Not only is Russia reportedly running low on important generals, but also on precise weaponry such as guided missiles and artillery shells, according to sources inside the intelligence community. According to the source, "Both Russia and Ukraine are seeing a lot of losses, and their war inventories of ammunition are running at very low rates."

"Russia has also lost a significant number of tanks and armored vehicles, both of which are complicated pieces of equipment that are not simple to replace."


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