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With this SATAN, Russia is becoming unbeatable

Intercontinental ballistic missiles are similar to rockets that launch people and satellites into orbit, but Intercontinental ballistic missiles carry warheads and hit targets on Earth. An RS-28 sarma satan 2 Russia's liquid-fueled RS-28 Sarmat, or the "Satan 2 is one typical example.

The missiles travel in a wide arc over Earth, enabling them to nuke halfway around the world within an hour. According to the Center's Missile Defense Project, the Satan 2 "is reported by Russian media as being able to carry 16 smaller ones, 10 large warheads, a combination of warheads and countermeasures, or up to 24 YU-74 hypersonic boost-glide vehicles.

Around their territory, both China and Russia see missile technology as a key deterrent to push back the United States and its allies. China is believed to be installing such systems on the network of artificial islands it is developing to dominate the South China Sea. Moscow has repeatedly talked of basing its hyper-accurate Iskander rockets in its Kaliningrad enclave between Lithuania and Poland.

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