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OPINION| Is there going to be accountability on SANDF importing covid 19 drugs to Cuba ?

Nearly half the vials of a Covid-19 "miracle drug" the SA National Defence Force illegally imported from Cuba, ended up compromised due to a cold-chain requirement breach as no testing was done after the drug landed on South African soil ~ NEWS24The SANDF is a national govt dept and is legally bound to comply with National Treasury precripts and it is clear that those prescripts and the SANDFs, own procurement prescripts were definitely not complied with in this instance and those responsible must be held financially accountable. Who made and signed the deal? All those involved should repay taxpayers. It's illegal, so where are the charges. And not only for the R200m, all the other illegal acts bypassing customs, etc?

This government and Cuba they should just get married and go live somewhere in Antarctica. I'm wondering if other countries have so many scandals like South Africa. The money gained from this deal is not compromised because of this and that, it is safe and sound within the accounts of people that knew what they planned for. How can you put something so important into the hands of people who, for one, do not care about that thing and, secondly, barely have the qualification to understand the importance

So is there going to be accountability, or is the Minister just going to turn around and cry that shes a woman, and therefore can do whatever she wants, even if it means the country loses R200 million, its these woman feminists who are too blame for supporting incompetent woman, just because they woman. The other question here is who signed the deal and why arw they exposing it because in corrupt acts the know how to protect each other, in the name of sharing whatever corrupt deal. We are really led by some types of leaders

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