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“Foreigners Are Coming, They Will Force Themselves Into This Country And Many Soldiers will Die”- Ra

One could say that the South African government prioritizes foreigners over original citizens. This was confirmed by the massacre that took place in Phoenix a few months ago. Many people were killed by an armed group, mostly foreigners, but nothing was done, no one was arrested. It seems that our security and defense forces are afraid of foreigners, and if it continues like this, one day terrorism will be in our country and no one will protect and defend us.

 Just now, there has been a heavy war between Somalis and taxi drivers in Bloemfontein. Somali people roamed the streets carrying many illegal weapons, but did nothing. Following all the riots that have taken place in our country, the famous tweeter prophet made a prophecy that frightened many people because the signs of his prophecy were already showing.

  He said that if the government does not pull off its socks, many soldiers will be killed because there will be many foreigners coming, and if we do not unite, they will force themselves on us.

 He agreed, "We will lose a lot of soldiers for no reason if the government does not take off its socks to handle things accordingly. Foreigners will come. If they continue to see us separately, they will force us to do so. themselves in this country. on a level SA has never been seen before, "he tweeted.

 (Photos of foreigners)

 His prophecy shook many people in connection with the events. A few days ago, we saw foreigners burning down several taxis in Bloemfontein. Now with regard to this prophecy, you can say that South Africans are really in trouble. Let’s see how people react after it’s posted.


 Our government respects and values ​​foreigners more than we do, because foreigners increase the economy because of their business. If you remember the Phoenix massacre, the only group that tried to stand up for black people was the EFF. As for the ANC, they are very protective when it comes to foreigners. What do you think about it? Please leave your comments below.


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