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Russia strikes back harder: Russian missile detonates in mid-air - releasing a fiery burst

Senator Goetz: That's a good question "The real objective of the United States is to overthrow the Russian government. 

"It was just a year ago that we were defeated in Afghanistan by goat herders armed with rifles. With 6,000 nuclear warheads, we're now heading to war with a nation. Is this how we're going to conduct ourselves in Ukraine, Yemen, and the rest of the world?" - Goetz was also mentioned. 

He pointed out that the real purpose of the group was regime change in Russia, not Ukraine's defense. Russia accuses the United States of attempting to dictate to Russians how to live their lives. 

I expect China will follow Russia in the wake of their conflict. A single superpower is all that is required. BRICS is meaningless without China and Russia. Now the question is, Who will stop NATO if it commits atrocities and forces people to accept their way of life even if they don't want to. 

Earlier this week, Russian forces launched an offensive on Ukraine. 

Suddenly, a Russian missile detonates in mid-air over the already damaged Azovstal complex, sending a huge plume of smoke and flames into the sky. 

When'sparks,' a collection of incendiary explosives, fall to the ground, they catch fire and spread. The bursts appear to be firecrackers from a distance, but they are actually a succession of innumerable detonations. 

The eastern Ukrainian city of Mariupol, located in the Donbas region, has fallen to Russian forces after weeks of siege and bombing, but hundreds of Ukrainian troops are defending the city's steel mills from Russian fire. 

In the event of a true threat to Russia's survival, Russia is prepared to use nuclear weapons first.'" 

This was announced by Duma deputy Alexei Zhuravlev. According to him, the United States is "doing everything to spark World War III," seeking to drag Europe into conflict with Russia in order to take advantage of the situation and get out of the domestic crisis it is currently facing. 

"Russia has the ability to carry out the first nuclear strike in the world. If the Russian Federation is threatened, this will happen "— Zhuravlev went on to say. — 

The Russians refuse to concede defeat in this conflict and insist that they will do whatever it takes to win, including being the first to use nuclear weapons when the odds of them defeating NATO are virtually zero. No one can win in a nuclear war, therefore Russia went so far as to suggest that either it defeats Ukraine and prevents NATO expansion, or it goes down with it. 

What are the chances? Nobody knows for sure, but it appears that Russia is being duped and coerced into using a nuke. Finland and Sweden are certain that NATO will accept them as members. Russia cut off Finland's electrical supplies as a retaliation for this. 

Consider the following scenario: 

We invaded Afghanistan, Iraq, and Libya so that we could grab their oil. There were over 100 000 deaths and Gadaffi was executed in front of the world's eyes under false US claims that he had nuclear weapons. In actuality, he was assassinated because he wanted to establish a United States of Africa, in which Africans would be free from foreign rule and own their own resources, not because he was a revolutionary. As a result, this threat was erased since without African resources, the West would be insolvent. Who sanctions and criticizes NATO or the US for such terrible actions, and who should be held accountable for them? 

International law does not apply to the United States or NATO. What about the bombing of the Chinese embassy? Despite the fact that we know who the perpetrators are, no one has been held accountable. Is this because they are the ones who make the laws? 

Although I'm not opposed to NATO or the United States, we need to look at the facts and know all aspects of people we put on top before making decisions about them. 

At the end of the day, I simply hope no one gets hurt 

I really hope we didn't make the wrong decision. 

You know who I believe will take his place as the next in line: Julius Malema is the leader of the African National Congress. However, this is only a conjecture at this point, and nothing has been proved. 

Which country, Russia or Ukraine, do you believe will emerge victorious from this conflict? Why is this the case? 

Thanks in advance for your support.


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