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Somalians declare war on South Africa and parading guns in Gqeberha

Somalians declare war on South Africa and parading guns in Gqeberha

While you're here, please follow me!

The taxi association in Gqeberha trended a couple of weeks ago. It trended for setting rules and laws around private vehicles of people and actually policing the number of passengers in people's car. They ended their claims by giving a 2 week period for response!

Today the tables have turned, the very same association drivers that was terrorizing Uber drivers and making citizens live under fear, got terrorized! A taxi driver bumped into a Somalian, and the response? Somalians in Gqeberha retaliated by burning taxis and parading the community with guns in possession! They were basically declaring war and telling anyone who tries to retaliate that they will teach them a lesson. Personally, I feel that the reasoning behind their burning of the taxis does not matter, the fact that they are so comfortable in a foreign country that they actually parade with guns shows how disrespectful and over-comfortable they are!

Taxi drivers are said to be violent and the moment they actually partake on the war that was forced on them, South Africa will be trending as a xenophobic country. The government is not even condemning this behaviour and this is what is giving Somalians and other foreigners the platform to thrive. They know very well that South Africa is lawless and that they are untouchable!

Somalians are showing you that we live in a lawless country of bribes and corruptions while South Africans live in fear and people’s property being damaged with no repercussions but if South Africans retaliate it’s called xenophobia @Im_Pacho

Incidents like the one in Gqeberha will continue to rise, the Somalians are here by their millions. Anything is possible @Phislash

Gqeberha under attack! The jihadist terrorists have vowed to attack ALL South African taxi businesses. When we call for retaliation by chasing away all somalians from our townships then the ANC Government will accuse us of incitement and yet foreigners are not arrested! Tsek!

The guns those Somalians are carrying 😳😳😳 Guys we have a civil war in our hands between the Somalians and Taxi owners, how do you get guns like that into a foreign country, our country is a joke. @ZandileExcel

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