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“Illegal Foreigners Are Planning Something Big But Their Plans Will Fail” Prophet Rha Warn People.

Illegal foreigners have been a source of contention in Mzanzi for quite some time. Due to the fact that their identifying cards are not in the control of the authorities, they commit crimes with the knowledge that they would never be captured. From what we can tell, South Africa appears to be the country with the most convenient access for foreigners out of all the countries in the globe. The streets of our city are open to everyone who wants to move around. According to this, this is because, unlike in the past, the police department no longer performs street patrols during which immigrants were required to show proof of residency, which is why this is happening.

Recently, the country was plunged into disarray after a clash erupted between an anti-Somali militia group and a taxi driver from the Mzanzi ethnic community, which took place only a week ago. Many foreign-owned businesses were destroyed, and in retaliation, the Somalians set fire to at least seven taxis, killing at least seven people. People were startled when they went so far as to take stronger weaponry out of their arsenal. Fortunately, no one was killed or injured as a result of this accident. According to the appearances, foreigners are taking control of the issue away from the locals. No one has been captured in connection with the beating and killing of a large number of South Africans in Phoenix, Arizona, a few months ago, according to authorities. Because foreigners are routinely allowed to get away with crimes in our country, you might get the conclusion that our administration is afraid of foreigners.

The world-famous tweeting prophet then gave a terrifying forecast regarding immigrants as a result of everything that had happened. In his statement, he claimed that illegal aliens are planning a huge operation in South Africa, which he hopes would fail and expose them to public scrutiny.

"Illegal aliens are plotting, plotting, and plotting some more to gain entry into the United States. Their plans will be foiled, and as a result of their failure, they will be made public figures. Let us continue to exhibit the positive aspects of our society that will benefit our nation. All of your hard work is beginning to bear fruit. Remember that when we meditate together, we are able to vanquish our foes because our thoughts are working together "He fired out a tweet in response.

Numerous people, in response to the release of this piece, likened it to the incident that occurred last week in Bloemfontein, in which foreign shops were burned down. They came to the idea that it was possible that aliens wished to exact retribution on them.

Meanwhile, we should continue to pray for peace in our country, and the government should take steps to make unlawful entry into this country a little more difficult, because if we don't act quickly, these illegal aliens will one day overthrow us and seize control of the government, as they did in 2001. Which side of the fence are you on this issue? What, in your opinion, should be done to limit the large number of illegal immigrants entering South Africa? Feel free to express your ideas in the comments area below.


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