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Top 5 Most Brutal Military Trainings Around The World? See This.

Take a look at the Top 5 Most Brutal Military Training Programs in the World, as ranked by the Military Times.

A career in the military is not for the weak of heart or the frail of constitution. The life of a soldier is a challenging one, filled with countless challenges and sufferings. All throughout the world, militaries put their recruits through difficult and stressful experiences in order to develop in them a strong and fearless character when they leave training. In order to prepare soldiers for combat, they are generally subjected to mind-numbing and physically taxing training before being allowed to return home. There are a myriad of instances where some individuals did not complete the training program.

My top 5 most horrifying and horrific military training experiences from throughout the world have been compiled in this article as a result of an exhaustive search and compilation process. The military was never advertised as being simple or uncomplicated, and this essay will explain just how difficult it can be to serve in the military.

1. The Road To Heaven

A military training event known as the 'Road to Heaven' is held every two years in Taiwan, and it is one of the most rigorous military training activities in the world. While this training, on the other hand, is often regarded as the most difficult component of the entire process, For Taiwan's marine corps, the "Road to Heaven" training program is the culmination of a hard 10-week amphibious training program. In order to be considered for the post of "frogmen," candidates must crawl 164 feet over sharp and porous coral rocks while just wearing a pair of shorts and going shirtless. A salty solution will be poured on you by the instructors during the crawling exercise, which will give you agonizing pain in the sore that will form as a result of the practice.

2. Jumping Through A Ring Of Fire

China is particularly well-known for its tough military training, which includes jumping through a ring of fire. While it is accessible in many countries, this particular type of training is among the most challenging available. This training involves the Instructors creating a circle of burning and hot fire around which the trainees must jump through in order to complete the exercise successfully. In the event that this act is not accomplished effectively, severe burns may happen.

3. Breaking Of Hard Bricks

Japanese martial arts practiced by breaking bricks or wooden planks with the hands is known as tameshiwari (literally "hand-breaking"). This act is mostly known in Asia and the Middle East, where it is practiced. In a recent demonstration of their severe military training, North Korea had soldiers shatter bricks and wooden planks with their heads and bare hands, as shown in the photo to the right.

4. Drowning In A Pool With Tied Hands

U.S. Navy Seals are putting their horrific training to the test. This type of training is often regarded as one of the most dangerous available anywhere in the world. The instructors giggle as the pupils' hands and legs are tied securely together and then tossed into a deep swimming pool with their hands bound together. During this deed, the soldier is believed to have freed himself or herself and returned to the beach. Many people, on the other hand, have lost their lives as a result of this instruction.

5. Swimming In A Frozen Water or Ice

The South Korean military is responsible for the vast majority of this intensive training. The trainees are required to swim in extremely cold and freezing water for extended periods of time in order to prepare them for any meteorological situation that may arise on a war field. Due to the fatal nature of this act, it has the potential to result in death by freezing.

Even while some military drills and training sessions may appear arduous, they are important in order to ensure that recruits are in the greatest possible physical shape. Everything we've spoken about thus far is designed to improve the physical and mental endurance of soldiers who participate in them, as well as their general fitness and physical preparedness.

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