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Switch Off The TV, It's A Brainwashing Machine

The conflict in Ukraine is often regarded as one of the most calamitous events to have taken place in recent memory. The war has expanded to other neighboring nations as a result of some countries' decision to stop doing business with others in the region as a direct result of the conflict.

A well-known journalist from Russia has just just issued a statement in which she reveals something that is completely incredible. She said that the Russian people should cease watching the news of the Russian war on television and instead go for other sources where they may obtain information about the conflict. She suggested that they should look for other sources of information about the war. This is a result of her purportedly quitting her employment in protest against the invasion of Ukraine by Russian forces after she had previously voiced her opposition to the operation. The specifics of what she said are presented here.

She Disclosed That the Conflict in Ukraine Is Known by Its Official Title in Russia.

She said that Russia has a designated term for referring to the conflict that is taking on in Russia. She divulged the fact that the Russians referred to the conflict as "Special Military Operation." This was exactly how Vladimir Putin had defined the conflict when he announced that Russian forces would be carrying out a special military operation in order to free the people living in the Donbas area from the control of the Ukrainian government. He went on to say that the residents of the area were through a great deal of hardship.

She disclosed that the people of Russia are being given a different account of the situation by their government.

She made it clear that the Russian people are being led astray into embracing the Russian government's narrative of the conflict, which serves the interests of the Russian government alone. She disclosed that the Russian interpretation of events might be very drastically altered by listening to the news from another country.

She said that the media was being coerced into reporting certain things.

To Present Information That Is Favorable to the Government

She disclosed that they were informed that the purpose of the war was to demilitarize and denazify Ukraine. The media was pressured to report this to the general public, and those who refused to adhere to the rules received the punishment. She also stated that the media was under pressure to report this to the general public.

She Provided the Russians with Advice.

She suggested that the Russians stop watching television and search for alternative sources of knowledge while simultaneously disclosing that television is a tool for indoctrination and should be avoided at all costs.

"Turn off the television because it is a tool for indoctrinating people's minds. Just don' t listen. Find some alternative places to get your information. Explore the internet, and let more love into your heart.

Stop watching TV; the war is a terrible thing, and it results in death ", as she disclosed.

In a call that was intercepted, a Russian service member advised his wife not to watch the news while simultaneously indicating that the conflict is not as it is portrayed in the media.

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