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SA diplomat confronts Israeli soldier for Palestinian farmers [WATCH]

Source: TheSouthAfrican

This man has a bucket, you have a weapon, "SA diplomat Resiva Machaba told Israeli soldiers on the west coast. 

A video by South African diplomat Lesiba Machaba became a hot topic on Instagram after a fierce confrontation with Israeli soldiers trying to prevent Palestinian farmers from harvesting olives. So these people want olives.

How dangerous can they be? This guy has a bucket, you have a gun, "Machaba told the soldier. The soldier ironically replied to the diplomat "And do you have a diplomatic ID? Big." 

The soldier asks if he gives Machaba permission to "take olives." Machaba asks, "Why can't you allow them to choose olives?" 

Soldiers replied that they don't have olives. On the trees, Machaba points to a basket of olives that isn't visible on the screen and says she's now picking the little olives she can get. 

Soldiers change it, asking Machaba to "come here" and accusing him of referring to the crowd around him to cause problems for these people. " 

"All cameras are supposed to cause problems," the soldier said. The video of the diplomat-soldier confrontation received more than 17,800 Instagram views and a series of comments by Friday to support his actions from people around the world. 

sabadesigns said, "We blacks can fully understand how terrible this oppression is." Shameful Israel Shameful Israel Shameful Israel If you have a heart. "official Comment:" He knows what the apartheid nation means. A wise Zionist will also know when rocks and trees are talking. "

ofeyli_arsenal warned:" Soldiers are inhumane hatred of innocent Palestinians. I think God is watching over me. "

This man has shown that he is not scared of anybody even if it means you are of a different race but that does not mean that you’ve got the right into did anyone at any time because we are in a free country.

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