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Putin panics over NATO aggression and sends Belarus terrifying nuclear-capable weapons

VLADIMIR PUTIN has made a commitment to provide his partner Belarus scary missile systems that are capable of carrying nuclear warheads in response to the pressure that NATO leaders are putting on Russia in the wake of its invasion of Ukraine.

Alexander Lukashenko, a close supporter of Vladimir Putin's, is the current President of Belarus, and Russia's Foreign Ministry has said that Russia is providing him with these weaponry systems as a deterrent against the "aggressive" West. In an interview that was shown on Russian television, Vladimir Putin said, "We will deliver Iskander-M tactical missile systems to Belarus." These weapons are capable of using both ballistic and cruise missiles, in both their conventional and nuclear guises.

The Iskander-M missile has a range of 500 kilometers and is capable of carrying warheads weighing up to 700 kg.

Iskander-M is the NATO codename for both the transporter-erector launch system and the short-range ballistic missile that is fired by the Iskander-M. The NATO codename for the Iskander-M is "SS-26 Stone."

Ground-launched cruise missiles (GLCMs), also known as the SSC-7 and the SSC-8, are another weapon that may be fired by this system.

During a discussion with Putin, Mr. Lukashenko voiced his worry about the "aggressive," "confrontational," and "repulsive" activities of Poland and Lithuania, which are linked with the West.

He went on to say that his nation need support from Russia in order to launch a "symmetrical reaction" to the buildup of NATO forces headed by the United States along its borders.

Belarus will soon get from Russia a menacing new military system (Image: Getty )

On Friday, the President of Lithuania, Gitanas Nausda, issued a statement warning that Belarus is a "additional province" of Russia and adding that the "Russian army may do what they want to relocate the soldiers, to deploy the equipment." ".

He went on to say that as a result, Lithuania has "no time for reply" since Russian military "could be quickly deployed quite close to our border."

The West is rushing to find a solution to the problem posed by Russia, and Putin's decision about Belarus comes at the same time as a NATO meeting is being conducted today in Madrid.

Putin has said that the military alliance was aiming to accept Ukraine and use it as a platform to attack Russia, which has led many people to believe that Russia's sworn adversary is now NATO.

A number of NATO alliance leaders communicated their concerns to the Russian President in an open letter before to the meeting.

In a speech given during the summit, the Prime Minister of Spain, Pedro Sanchez, who is also hosting the event, stated: "Putin is getting a clear message from us, and it is this: "you will not win."

Anthony Albanese, the Prime Minister of Australia, made the following statement: "The invasion of Ukraine by Russia has resulted in a more unified globe in terms of democratic states, as well as a resolution that is firm and unambiguous. In addition, I think it will end up being the deciding factor.

According to Jens Stoltenberg, the General Secretary of NATO, leaders will address "a road map detailing how to lead NATO into the future in a world that is more competitive and dangerous, in addition to providing robust assistance for Ukraine throughout the course of the longer term.

Mr. Stoltenberg issued a stern warning, saying that leaders will meet to determine how to provide Ukraine even more help. (Image courtesy of Getty)

The NATO summit is currently being hosted in Madrid by Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez (Image: Getty )

According to Mr. Sanchez, all of this is a part of its new strategic concept, which would define Russia as a "major danger." The idea was developed by the United States.

Before now, we had considered Russia to be a strategic partner; nevertheless, the new masterplan is going to make that distinction obsolete.

Mr. Stoltenberg also said that "leaders will also make a historic decision to ask Finland and Sweden to join members of NATO," which is a move that will deal a significant and devastating blow to Putin.

It comes as a result of Turkey, which has had a complicated but strong relationship with Russia, lifting a veto that it had previously placed on the nations joining.


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