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Army commando dies after snake bite

In a "operation gone bad" event, NGONGA Chiyesu, a former Zambia Army Special Forces instructor from the Zambezi area, was bitten by a snake while participating in one of his training sessions in the Mbala district.

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Chiyesu trained numerous Zambians in the Army's Special Forces over his many years of service as an excellent survival commando.

Chiyesu was on one of his typical survival routines on Thursday afternoon when, following allegedly delayed first help in the jungle, he was fatally struck by a snake.

Before enlisting in the army, the snake handler was well-known for instructing young people in Judo and other martial arts in the Zambezi area.

The Zambian army command commended Chiyesu for his courage and called him a loyal Zambian who had committed his entire life to serving in the special forces of the Zambian army to protect and defend the nation.

Since then, he has been laid to rest in Lusaka during a military funeral service.


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