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Russian ambassador apologize for bombing Ukrainian Civilians

Russian ambassador to the UK, Andrei Kelin spoke to Channel 4 about the war in Ukraine started by admitting that a Russian missile hit civilian infrastructure, a shopping mall but it was not the target. He said that the missile miss a warehouse that was used to repair weapons a few hundred meters from the mall.

Russia unlikely to use tactical nuclear weapons against Ukraine, says its  ambassador to UK

He however apologized for the recklessness and called civilian causalities unfortunate collateral damage. The journalist asked the ambassador what is Russian position so far when it comes to NATO which has added Finland and Sweden since Putin launched a war to prevent Ukraine from joining NATO.

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On the Russian soldiers who died in Ukraine which are estimated at 35 000 soldiers dead already, the ambassador said he is worried as to where this war will end. He expressed regret about Ukraine getting more weapons of higher quality which will prolong the conflict. He also calls for Ukraine to surrender.


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