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Putin Names European Nations In Radioactive Threat

VLADIMIR PUTIN has threatened three European countries in a covert manner over the future of the largest nuclear power facility on the continent.

The facility's bombardment has caused terror around the world. (Photo: Getty)

Although it was taken over by Russia in the early phases of Putin's invasion of Ukraine, the Zaporizhzhia nuclear power station is still run by Ukrainian employees.

As it is being shelled, the facility has caused fear around the world. The UN's nuclear inspector has warned of possibly catastrophic repercussions if the plant sustains this level of damage.

Both Mosow and Kiev have accused the other of bombarding the facility, both of which are denied by the other.

Then, on Thursday, the Russian minister of defense warned that if the bombardment persisted, the facility could have to be shut down.

The ministry then ominously went on to say that three EU countries would be affected by a nuclear plant catastrophe.

It identified the nations most likely to be affected by radioactive chemicals as being Germany, Poland, and Slovakia.

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