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Nigerian Rebels Have Surprisingly Freed More Than 2000 Criminals From Jail

Nigerian Rebels Have Surprisingly Freed More Than 2000 Criminals From Jail

Date: 2021/10/23

The Nigerian rebels have surprisingly freed 2000 people from jail this September, this is also because the jail there have no human rights and they are usually overcrowded but also it is going to be a very dangerous place to live in.

More than 1000 criminals freshly freed running the streets of Nigeria must be the scariest thing to live in Lagos right now, that is why usually the ones that make it out of that country are very strong and powerful as they understand human nature.

There is also Boko Haram in most cities of the country, girls are still getting kidnapped, as more than 200 girls were taken by the terrorist group that wants power from the government as they believe that the guys are selling the countries oil and they are not sharing the wealth with the entire country.

But the country is small but the population is over 200 million which is just ungovernable considering that they do not have the right tools like roads and running water in most parts of the country, that is why most people from the just leave.

Nigeria is a broken country that needs intervention, the United Nations should give out food for the people as crime is a result of a person just trying to feed their family or themselves, that is all they know and that is the bare minimum they can do just to survive and see the next day.

Nigeria has become a hotspot for terrible things happening in the world but it is not broadcasted as much, because most of their people stopped watching their local talent, they started being rich and they watch European football and decreased their GDP by buying foreign goods like South African rich soccer players do.


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