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'See What A Soldier Did After A Young Lady Pranked Him.

"Watch What Happened When A Young Lady Pranked A Soldier".

"Don't Try It Again O," people Says as Reactions are Captured on Video as a Young Lady Plays a Prank on a Soldier in the Market.

Pranking a military officer in the market required a lot of guts on the part of a young woman, so she decided to take things to the next level with her game.

After approaching the soldier in an effort to assist the woman in lowering her bucket, the man laughed (Which was a surprise to many, who thought that the Soldier will punish the lady, for playing with him) when he realized that it was completely empty...

Many of the people who saw the video and left comments claimed that the woman was quite courageous for trying to pull a prank on a Nigerian soldier.

A young woman who frequently posts prank videos to her TikTok page has pulled a joke on an unwary military commander, as may be seen in the accompanying video clip.

In the video, the woman is seen carrying an empty bucket around a market as she approaches a soldier to ask for assistance in lowering it. The man speculated that the bucket must contain some weighty loads.

Many people praised the lady for her bravery after hearing about her practical joke on the military.

The soldier smiled.

After the man assisted her, she smiled and brought out a pack of snacks for the soldier. The man playfully wanted to smack her when he saw that he had been pranked.

The army man walked away with the snack he had been handed while keeping a smile on his face. He did this with some conviction.

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