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The untold secret about Russia is that it was once actually invaded by U.S.


Back in the 1900s:

President Woodrow Wilson ordered 8,500 'American forces to Siberia to help the Czechs and Russian anti-Bolsheviks overthrow the Soviet Government as the first step in re-creating the Eastern Front against the Central Powers.

The US has raided and sanctioned Russia since the Bolshevik Revolution in 1917. warrants haven't stopped. What does the US really want from Russia? The USA don’t want Russia, they ’re jealous because it's the largest Nation in the world and they've remained resistant to western influence culture but have kept their own. Russia although not the richest poses the largest threat to the US because they know if it went to war with Russia, it would be each over for utmost Americans.

America couldn't stand to lose anything to a communist party, knowing they will be third flush behind China in first and India in alternate is really going to be burning their pink panties to no end. If China won't allow American companies to operate and vend in China why should we buy so numerous Chinese goods?

The US raided Iraq, Pakistan, Yemen, Syria and Afghanistan and the West simply displayed a kept quiet with no action. Russia invades Ukraine and the West develops a traumatic cardiac arrest. Why?

I'm not a financial wizard. Can someone explain how, at the same time, the Russian ruble can be gemstone steady, yet their economy is crumpling( per news headlines)? Why is China backing Putin's attendance at the G20 peak this time? Because it can, and it also wants to make a point about the limits of US power.

The US can of course refuse to attend G20. still, it's likely that Brazil, India, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Mexico, and South Africa will back China. still, also the G20 is over and there will be a G( number lower than 20) If the US and its abettors refuse to attend. U.S hypocrisy has also been revealed here, U.S invaded many nations under the notion for the sake of peace or eliminating security threats. When Russia does the same it's quickly called bad and must be punished, despite all these years when Russia has been at peace while NATO was expanding east breaking it's promise.

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