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A Home Candle ritual you can perform to get employment.

So many people looks like they have paths blockage when it comes to employment, even though some have degrees or qualifications, they still struggle to find even a simple job. Not that they do not look for a job, they do just that there is no luck. Believe you in me, so many people use magic spells to get what they want, but they would never say so but best believe they do. Note that you don't have to perform this ritual if you don't believe in any of it.

Here is what you should do:

Since each candle has a designated purpose or meaning that should be considered. You will need a green and yellow candle. A green candles represents Luck, it can be used to ask for a job or anything you desire. A yellow candle represents confidence and intelligence, you can use it to boost confidence, since confidence it is a key to everything and can take you places.

you will need to light both candles, and make sure they are on the candle holder, the candle can't be in contact with the ground, you can use a small saucer if you don't have a candle holder. Make sure you kneel when you light the candles, candle needs respect. Then after you have lit the candles, you can start praying and manifesting for employment. When you finish, you can let the candle burn out a little bit. Do not blow the candle to let it off, but pinch it with your fingers.

And the room must be quiet when you do the ritual. If you don't have any of these candles colours, you can use the white one, it fits to everything.

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