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TRENDING | They do not shut their mouths about Konka

Mchunu Nduduzo   | October 12, 2021

JOHANNESBURG - Many of Johannesburg's tourist attractions have taken a toll on social media this weekend.

Kutlwano Pitso's Konka located in Pimville's Zone 7 ward has been a huge hit following a spate of photos of customers relaxing in the area.Although it is a fun place but it is complained about being of a high standard and the way the customers there behave people say is very different.

The type of vehicles traveling in the area appear to be the only ones left as there are pictures showing the parking lot in Konka. Polo drivers who are always the talk of the town on social media have always complained that they have not been asked if there is a place to park Polo shirts.

After that it became a game and some took pictures of themselves in parks of their standard but with the word Konka. Not only did the barbers also take pictures of themselves, they cut their hair, and they wrote Konka.

People in rural areas also did not want to be left out and said that because they were far away they would find themselves in a better place and would open their homes.

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Konka Mchunu Nduduzo Pimville


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