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Funny Quotes And Images To Make You Laugh

1. Everybody is getting sick and I'm like y'all needs Fruits and Vegetables.

2. I didn't like you in school and I still don't like you now, so fuck off with your friend request.3. Me and all the regular gang making the most of Facebook jail. Can I know what makes you laugh every time I come here.4. I'm not anti-social. I have cable, internet, and a dog. What else do you need?5. And Then I found the coffee and all my super powers came back!

6. I Am the champ of hide and seek.

7. And then I told them...I promise I won't scratch the furniture anymore.8. Never make eye contact with a kid about to fall asleep, They'll sense your excitement and abort Mission.9. Have you ever just looked at someone and said..."Seriously"

10. Apparently if you type gg and they turn pink, it does a weird first bump and there are different ones JUST DO IT

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