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Ways To Break Free From Manipulation In Dreams

Many of us have had many dreams that we seldom pay attention to; some of them may be good and others negative, but we just ignore them and keep sleeping without taking the necessary steps. They first appeared in our dreams, but out of ignorance, they happened without our knowledge. 

It is important to pay attention to the dreams you have especially the ones that you can clearly remember because some dreams are good and speak positive things about our lives while others are bad and can cause the same evil, that we dream. The US. Dream Meaning The realm of the spirit uses our dreams either to our advantage or to our disadvantage. To be specific, God uses dreams to give us direction, warn us, give us directions and ideas, and give us about future events. In the end, is the essence of God that brings us these dreams so that we can benefit from them. On the contrary, the devil usually manipulates our dreams to make us sick.

You can know that a dream is bad if it affects your emotions, for example, the dream causes you to fear, confusion, or even robs you of calm. Examples of manipulation in dreams As mentioned above, the devil will always use dreams to harm us instead of doing good. This fears the plants in them and also makes them suspicious of or hates the person who can identify them. Others can see them or others being transported in a coffin and taken to a cemetery. This is the spirit of death trying to manifest and if left untreated the dream can become a reality.

There are people who were hunted by snakes or bitten by snakes in a dream. Such a dream could symbolize the work of demonic spirits in a person's life. Others have woken up from a dream in which someone tried to hurt or bewitch them and eventually wake up feeling bad or sick because of it. Some couples have seen their spouses get carried away in a dream by someone else and later either divorce or something unfortunate happens and the marriage ends. 

How to Deal with Bad Dreams and Manipulation Through Dreams 

If you have experienced the few examples above or any other negative dreams, the following tips may be helpful: 

1. Pray against bad dreams Never be still when doing these Experience dreams. When you wake up from a bad dream, start praying against the manifestation of that dream. Pray that God will destroy every evil plan of the enemy (Isaiah 54:17) Pray for God's protection from satanic forces and agents, nullify all effects of this dream on your life or anyone else who might be a victim. You pray for your children, family and friends.

2. Bedtime Prayer prompts God to go before you and therefore protect you from harm while you sleep. This also enables God to communicate with you through dreams.

3. Make positive confessions. If the dream was negative, say positive things about your life based on the word of God. Even if the dream described you as a failure, talk about life, healing, success and moving forward. This will help reverse it. the effects of poor sleep.

4. Calling on the name of Jesus There are times when you encounter very bad dreams that make you feel like your words are not coming out as much as you are trying. At this time, the name of Jesus is worth mentioning. The name of Jesus has the power to liberate and liberate. Jesus Christ comes to save those who call on his name. If you say "Jesus!" can scream! Even in his dream, he is saved from bad manipulation.

5. Speak the blood of Jesus Christ over your life. The blood of Jesus can obliterate all evil manuscripts and produce positive results. Through the blood of Jesus, any evil spell that was cast on you is gone and Satan's control of your life is ended. If you are experiencing a dream that you do not understand, try to ask God to give you the meaning.

Alternatively, seek the interpretation of a spiritually mature person and ask them to pray with you as well if it is a negative dream. Have you encountered such bad dreams in your life? How did you do it Hope this article is helpful to you. Share with others to educate them.

Thanks for reading.

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