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Real reason you should stop picking money from the street, here is the truth (Opinion piece)

Source: Opinion

When something does not go well in your life you tend to blame it all on witchcraft. Calling your neighbors by names as though they are the ones who are blocking your life from seeing beautiful things. Forgetting that when you were a kid you picked money all over the road thinking you are lucky.

Well truth is some money we happen to find on the road is not good money. That money was used to place curses on someone's life. Then the person who removed curse from him used money as a tool to take his or her curse to someone else. Rather curses meant to pass from one person to another. That is why people with a calling when they pass away that gift goes to someone else around the family.

Same thing with curses people who got help to remove a curse. Are told to come with money, a coin. That coin will be used to remove that curse and the same person will have to dump that money were most people are walking. This will make someone who thinks they are lucky to pick the money and go home with it. Some even spend it on the spot, the you touch this money the curse is already into your life.

Don't say I didn't warm you people who grew up with grannies wills remember what they used to say about picking money on the road. You life will get stuck without you knowing the truth, stop picking money you don't know.

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