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20+ Funniest 'What I ordered vs what I got'| terrible online shopping reviews.

Online shopping is very common these days, we can't deny the fact that it is very big and chances of it ending are less as many people recommend and prefer it over dragging themselves to physical stores. Others come across wonderful items online only to find out that the stores are not available in their own countries, so they are left with no choice but to receive them through online shopping.

Trusting online stores is complicated nowadays as there are lots of scams that lead to people being online shopping naysayers. For others to be convinced to purchase online, the store has to be popular, have many followers, and have good customer reviews. But it is getting trickier and trickier because scammers are so smart they even adopted certain tricks of alluring people into ordering.

Many people have been sharing their terrible online shopping reviews on social media, as funny as it looks, it is very sad to witness people crying overthrowing their money in scammers' bags. Getting a terrible item that you invested your money in is now a trend on social media, it has become a joke.

Comprehend, you scroll through social media and come across as a beautiful garment.

You fill your brain with thoughts of whether you should or should not break your budget. The temptation and beauty lure you into finally concluding purchasing.

The joy of ordering something online is priceless, knowing that you will look bomb.

Online orders usually take time to reach the buyers. Now the waiting phase strikes, you patiently wait for weeks if not months. The thrill is too much leading to you planning on how you will style and where you will rock your fit.

When your order finally arrives, you finally breathe in relief and you quickly unwrap it, so you can feel and smell the expensive item you splurged your last money on. You realize that there's something off about it, as it looks dull and of a weak material than it looks and was described on the store page.

The fitting faze, that's when you realize that you have been played and there's nothing you can do about it, you'll be now joining the "What I ordered vs what I got" gang

"What I ordered vs what I got"...

Have you ever been scammed on social online shopping?

Do you recommend online shopping?

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