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Husband and wife relationship

Help please, my house-maid has become my Madam in my own house. What should I do?

Please, someone assist me because my house maid has taken on the role of my madam in my own home. What should I do in this situation?

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Welcome to the day! I am married into a very wealthy family; my husband is the oldest son of four children, all of whom are boys, with the exception of one girl.

The reason my husband is leaving with us is because he is lonely; his father owns properties all over the world, but he has refused to marry again since losing his wife 12 years ago; he is 65 years old but still young; I own a supermarket, so my nanny cooks and looks after the house while I am away; I was unaware that my nanny had been sleeping with my father in-law until we discovered it in March of this year; he is 65 years old but still young;

During my yelling match with her, my husband intervened, telling me that I shouldn't speak to her in such a childlike manner, that she isn't a child, and that she is actually my housekeeper! Mummy, as I write you, my husband has informed his father that my nanny has been his companion and that he wishes to marry her, mogbe I said over my dead body, my own maid, instead of my husband being on my side, he has informed his father that if marrying the girl will make his father happy, then he will have his support, the house we are currently living in was built by my father in-law, it's a duplex, Mummy as I write you.

The reason I didn't accompany the children was because I couldn't believe my father-in-law would marry my maid when there are other women available. After dinner last night, I was talking to my husband about my nanny. He informed me that she is now married to his father, and that my children should stop referring to her as Aunty and start referring to her as "Mummy," and I inquired as to the reason for this change.

I'm just sitting here crying because someone who I welcomed into my home has now turned on me and made me feel like a bad person. What should I do in this situation? As a result, I can't tell my husband to move into another apartment when he already has one, and papa can't leave because he wants to be close to his grandson. I'm not sure how much longer I can take this. Thanks. My wife and I have been married for ten years.

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